How to Install So Player on Firestick or Fire TV (May 2023)

This guide will help you in installing So Player on firestick or fire TV in 2023. Keep reading this article till the end.

IPTV services are currently very trending, people are ditching their typical satellite TV services and are switching towards IPTV services, and the reason is quite simple, IPTV services are way cheaper than most cable TV services and they provide a hell lot of extra features.

I myself used to use cable TV service to watch live TV at home but recently I shifted to IPTV service and boy! it is really good. I am so pleased by IPTV services, I am able to watch all live TV channels from all over the world including, the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

However, when I purchased the subscription to the IPTV service, the very first problem that I faced was finding the best IPTV media player, and finally, after some research, I got to know about So Player.

I know there are many IPTV users who are bored with their boring media player, and to all those users, I would recommend trying So player on firestick.

I am currently using firestick with So player installed on it and I am really loving it, if you also want to know how to use So player on firestick then keep reading this article till the end.

Now, my new audience that is not really aware of So player, let me explain it to you.

What is So Player?

So Player is an IPTV media player that let you watch content such as live TV, movies, TV shows, etc. However, So Player is not an IPTV service itself, they are just a media player that let you watch the content from your IPTV service.

To use So Player on firestick or fire TV, you must have to purchase a subscription to the IPTV service first, and then you need to use this media player to watch the content. In simple words, you need the playlist that is provided by your IPTV service provider and then you need to use that playlist onĀ  So Player.

So Player is very popular because it has so many features that make your streaming experience next level. Using So Player is a very simple and easy task, you first need to buy any IPTV services that you like, and then you need to use the login details of your IPTV service and use it with So player.

Can I Install So Player on Firestick?

Yes, you can install So Player on firestick, and in fact, I am also using So player media player on my own firestick device and it works like a charm. However, you can not simply download So player from the Amazon app store, it is a third-party application and is not supported by the Amazon app store.

But that doesn’t mean you can not install So player on fire TV, you can install so player easily by sideloading it on firestick. If you are already a firestick then I am damn sure you know about sideloading on firestick and if not then don’t worry I am here to help you out.

However, to install 3rd party apps or to sideload apps on firestick, you first need to turn on apps from unknown sources on firestick, and once that is done you are eligible to install as many third-party apps as you want on firestick.

How to Install So Player on Firestick

so player on firestick

Installing So player on firestick is very simple as I just said above. However, before you begin, you need to download an application known as downloader on firestick, basically, this application is very popular and is used to download and install third-party apps like So player on fire tv.

So, now let’s start.

  • First of all, open your firestick device.
  • There on the homepage, you need to click on the “Search” button.
  • Search for “Downloader”.
  • Click on the very first application that is appearing on your screen.
  • Click on the “Get” button to download the downloader application on firestick.
  • Wait for a few minutes, usually, it takes less than a minute to download apps from the Amazon app store on firestick.
  • Once that is done you are all set.

Now it’s time to install So Player.

Install So Player via the Downloader app on firestick

  • Open the downloader application on firestick that was just installed.
  • Now when you open the application for the first time it will ask you to accept their terms and conditions, so simply do that.
  • After that you will see the home screen of the app, there on the search bar, you need to enter the following
    so player on firestick
  • The above URL is case-sensitive, which means you need to type the URL exactly as shared above.
  • After that downloader application will scan the URL, basically it will see if the URL you typed is correct or not.
  • If everything is correct, the downloader app will start downloading the So player APK on firestick.
  • After a few minutes, the So Player APK will be downloaded and you will automatically land on the installation screen.
  • To install So player APK on firestick, click on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the application is installed.
  • I recommend you to delete the APK once the application is installed, it will free up some space on firestick that you can utilize further for your own purposes.
  • Once it is installed, click on Done

That’s all you need to do. So Player has been installed successfully on firestick. There is an alternate way as well and that is installing so player via Es File Explorer on Firestick.

Alternate Way) Install So Player on Firestick via Es File Explorer

If you have the ES file Explorer application installed on firestick then you don’t need to use the downloader app to install third-party apps, instead, you can use Es File Explorer to do the same.

The only condition is your firestick device must have Es file explorer installed. So I am assuming you have Es file explorer installed on firestick. Follow the below steps to get the So player on fire TV via Es File Explorer.

  • Open your firestick device.
  • Search for ES File explorer (install the app first, if it is not been installed already).
  • Now when you are at the home screen of Es File Explorer, click on the “+” icon that is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • A download box will open, where it will ask you to enter the “Path” and “Name”.
  • Now fill in the respective field, enter this URL: in the path section and the name of the application in the name section.
  • After that ES file explorer will scan the URL. So, make sure that you entered the correct URL.
  • Once that’s done, the APK will begin to download.
  • Now once the So player APK is downloaded, you need to install it just like a normal application on firestick.
  • You can also delete the APK once the application is installed.

Features of So Player

  • Works will almost all IPTV services.
  • It has lots of features that are not available on other IPTV media players.
  • It is very less in size.
  • The interface is very attractive and feels good while used.
  • A search option is available that lets you quickly search for your favorite content in no time.
  • You can also watch live TV with subtitles enabled.
  • There are no ads.
  • My favorite feature that is Dark mode, is also available.

How to Use So Player on Firestick

Using So player on firestick is very simple and easy, there is no rocket science involved. When you install the application and open it for the first time, you need to log in.

To log in, open the application, and click on “Pin Code” there you need to enter the Pin Code that is provided by your IPTV service and then just click on “Next”.

Now when you purchase the IPTV service, you get a provider ID, so on the next screen you need to enter your provider ID and then again click on “Next”.

And That’s all, you will see the home screen of So player now. And your So player is now ready to use.

You can now use So Player, your IPTV service is successfully integrated with So Player, and you can now watch live TV, movies, and TV shows and can enjoy lots of So player features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is So Player Free?

Yes, So Player is absolutely free. You can download and install it on a firestick or even on any other Android device, including Android TV.

Is it safe to use So Player?

Yes, I am using So player on my own firestick, and never faced any issues, however, I still recommend using any good VPN while using IPTV services.

What are some good alternatives to So Player?

  • IPTV Smarters Pro
  • Tubi
  • Tivi Mate

Wrapping Up

So Player is my favorite IPTV media player and I am using it for a very long time, I highly recommend everyone who is looking for the best IPTV media player, should give So Player a try. You can take the help of this guide to get the installation steps of installing So player on firestick. If you faced any error while installing So player then do let me know, I will try to solve your errors.

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