How to Install Redbox TV APK on Firestick (Aug. 2023)

This guide will help you in installing Redbox TV APK on firestick so if you want to learn how to do it then keep reading this guide.

Firestick users often ask me to tell them a way to watch free live TV on firestick. Firestick is a streaming device that is capable of doing stuff beyond your imagination. If you know how to use your firestick properly then you can do lots of things with it, be it watching free TV channels or watching free movies/sports.

When it comes to watching free TV channels on firestick then the app that I really use and admire is Redbox TV. Redbox TV is an amazing app for you if you want to watch free live TV channels on firestick from all over the world.

Today I will show you how to install Redbox TV APK on firestick to watch TV channels from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc.

I have been using this app for like a year or so and seriously this app always works like a charm. I have already ditched my expensive cable TV connection because ever since I installed Redbox TV on firestick, I didn’t find a single reason to renew my cable TV connection.

So, if you also want to enjoy free live  TV channels on firestick then you should highly consider using Redbox TV on firestick. Redbox TV works pretty well on almost all types of firestick, including firestick 4K, firestick cube, firestick lite, etc.

Before I tell you how to install Redbox TV APK on firestick, let’s first understand Redbox TV in detail and discuss the amazing features of this application.

Redbox TV APK on firestick

What is Redbox TV?

Redbox TV is an android based application that let users stream live TV channels from all over the world. This app has TV channels from different countries that include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, etc.

Redbox TV is a completely free application, it doesn’t require any subscription whatsoever. However, Redbox TV has some ads that you need to face but that is okay since they are providing such valuable content for free. We also have a separate guide on how to block ads on firestick, in case you want to know how to do it.

Redbox TV is compatible with firestick as well, the interface of this app works like a charm on firestick. I myself use this application on my firestick device and I have no complaints.

You can Redbox TV on firestick devices if you don’t want to spend your money on buying a subscription to IPTV services, live TV streaming services, or cable/satellite TV connection.

Features of Redbox TV

  • Thousands of live TV channels from different parts of the world.
  • The interface is very clean and user friendly, you will love it for sure.
  • You don’t need to spend money to use this application, it is free to use application.
  • The size of the Redbox TV APK is very less and won’t take up much space.
  • Enjoy more than 8,000+ channels for free of cost.
  • Redbox TV is perfectly compatible with Firestick and this app works super well with firestick remote.
  • If you are a beginner then also you can easily use this application.

Now let’s discuss how to install Redbox TV APK on firestick. Before I tell you how to do that, let’s configure the firestick device.

Preparing up firestick to install Redbox TV APK

Redbox TV is a third-party application, and as well all know to install third-party applications on firestick, we first need to prepare our firestick device.

The very crucial thing we need to do first is enable unknown sources on firestick. It is a very important step, by default firestick has this setting disabled and unless this setting is not enabled you can not install any third-party apps on firestick.

Read this guide: How to Enable Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick

So, first thing first enable this setting on firestick and once that is done you are now ready to install Redbox TV APK on fire tv or firestick.

How to Install Redbox TV on Firestick

Now, this is the main part of the article where I will teach you how to install Redbox TV on firestick. Most of the firestick owners already have the “Downloader” app installed on firestick.

The Downloader app is used to sideload third-party apps on firestick, so if your firestick device doesn’t have this application already installed then first you need to download and install the Downloader app on firestick.

You can directly download and install the Downloader app on firestick from the Amazon App store, if you don’t know how to do that then just simply follow the below steps.

  • Open your firestick device and from the Amazon app store download and install the “Downloader” application.
  • To download the Downloader application, simply go to “Search” and type “Downloader”.
  • Now click on the icon of the Downloader app.
  • Click on “Get” and the application will start downloading.
  • Once that is done you are all set.

Note: When you are done installing the downloader app on firestick, you can move it to the home screen simply by going to Apps & Games section and then select the downloader app then you need to press the option button on your fire tv remote and then click on “Move” drag the downloader app to your firestick’s home screen.

Now it’s time to install the Redbox TV APK on firestick via the Downloader application.

Steps to Install Redbox TV APK on firestick via Downloader app

  • Open the recently installed Downloader app on firestick
  • Now when you open the application for the first time it will ask you to accept their terms and conditions, so simply do that.
  • Now you need to enter this URL inside the box and make sure to type the URL correctly.
    Redbox TV APK on firestick
  • Make sure to type the URL exactly as written above. Typing the URL will result in no download.
  • The Downloader app will scan the URL and if the URL is correct, your Redbox TV APK will start downloading.
  • Let the Redbox TV APK download, it will hardly take a few minutes.
  • Once the Redbox TV APK is downloaded, you will be directly redirected to the installation screen.
  • To install Redbox TV on firestick, click on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the application is installed.
  • I recommend you delete the APK once the application is installed, it will free up some space on firestick that you can utilize further for your own purposes.
  • Once it is installed, click on Done

How to Use Redbox TV on Firestick

When the Redbox TV on firestick is installed, I suggest you move the Redbox TV to your firestick’s home screen so that it becomes more accessible for you to use Redbox TV on firestick.

To do so, just follow the below steps:-

  • Go to Apps & Games section.
  • There you will see all your downloaded Apps.
  • Scroll down and select Redbox TV
  • Now press the “Option” button on your fire TV remote.
  • You will see a bunch of options now, select the “Move” option.
  • Drag the Redbox TV icon to firestick’s home screen.
  • That’s it

Now launch the Redbox TV icon on firestick.

When you launch the application for the first time on fire stick, it will ask you to grant some permissions, so simply grant all the permission Redbox TV asked for.

After that, you will be entered into the main screen of the Redbox TV. On the top, you will see different tabs such as Sports, Science, Indian, Arabic, USA, UK, etc.

Select any tab that you are interested in watching, let’s say I am interested in the USA, so now the Redbox TV will display all the live TV channels from the USA such as HBO, CNN, ESPN, etc.

Redbox TV APK on firestick

You can select any channel that you are interested in streaming and that’s it. Redbox TV will start scraping the working link for you and in no time the live channel will start working.

You can also use your desired media player, I have seen people use MX player a lot on firestick, you can use that as well to stream your favorite live TV channel on firestick via Redbox TV.

It is that simple to use Redbox TV on firestick. Just like that, you can also watch channels from UK, India, Arab, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Redbox TV on firestick?

Well, yes It is safe to use Redbox TV APK on firestick as long as you are using a VPN. Even if you are not using any VPN then also there is nothing much to worry about since the Redbox TV app itself doesn’t host any content, it basically scraps the link from the internet and then serves it to you.

How to Update Redbox TV APK on firestick?

Whenever a new update of the Redbox TV app is available the app will show the update notification itself. So from there, you can update the application with just one click.

Another method of updating the app is doing it manually. So what you need to do is uninstall the current version of the app and then re-install the latest version again by following the above steps.

Is Redbox TV free?

Yes, the Redbox TV application is free to download and use. Redbox TV is popular only because it let users watch free TV without paying for a subscription. You can use Redbox TV on firestick without any worries. It is free and most probably always will be.

Wrapping Up

Installing Redbox TV on firestick is super easy, isn’t it? well, if you are stuck at any steps then don’t worry simply drop down the issue that you are facing and I will do my best to help you out. If you want me to share more firestick tutorials like this then just let me know by contacting us via our contact us page.

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