How to Delete Apps on Apple TV (Easy and Simple Steps) 2023

Do you have an Apple TV? and do you want to know how to delete apps on Apple TV? if the answer to both questions is yes then today you just landed on the very right page. Today this article will help you to do so, so keep reading till the very end.

Apple TV is one of the most exclusive products that you can easily use for watching shows and videos from various different sites. Apple services and also the powerful experience which has the power to show the complete high resolution of all the places out there.

There are different features available in the devices for the user to acknowledge. A complete 4K high frame rate is given with the HDR from the crisp video which has the fluid quality to attract the audience.

Along with this, the A12 bionic has a special performance to the TV that other models or other brands do not have. Though you are really aware of the things, you can easily understand the things which are really needful to be seen. Since Apple Company includes all the voice controls over Siri for voice access to use the TV. At the same time, there are some issues that need to be seen. Like, people are worried about deleting apps on apple TV or even hiding them.

Why there is a need to Deleting Apps on Apple TV?

Now the answer to this question is not direct, there could be lots of reasons why you want to delete some apps on Apple TV. However, what I have seen is a maximum number of people who want to delete apps on Apple TV because they want to free up some storage space.

It is quite natural to get bored of existing installed apps and delete them to install new ones. We all know we get limited storage with our Apple TV and it is not practically possible to install countless apps on it without worrying about storage.

There are a few methods available to uninstall an app on Apple TV. Below I have shared some methods that you can help you in deleting apps on Apple TV.


Are there any steps available to delete the apps on Apple TV?

Delete Apps on Apple TV
Delete Apps on Apple TV

Here are some of the tips or points which are really helpful for people to notice things in order to learn about them. Because deleting things on apple TV might look simple, but it requires exact steps, or else it will not be deleted.

Even hiding options are also available for people to make use of it in all ways. The steps for deleting the apps are,

  • Browse to that same software you wish to hide or uninstall on your Apple TV after waking it up. So you can check on the matters about the app which need to be deleted or uninstalled.
  • If you’re connecting a touchpad with the remote, push firmly on the touchpad’s center until the app begins to jiggle. Hold down the choose button until it begins to wiggle when you use the white or aluminum Apple Remote (the one with the red circle at the top).
  • To access this same dashboard with both the “Delete” and “Cover-up” options, hold down this same Play/Pause key on the keyboard on your remote control. Choose it.
  • A second screen will appear asking you if you really want to delete it and warning you that doing so will delete all of the app’s data. Select “Delete” Now the app will be removed.

Note: You can also install the apps whenever you are in need through the installation process. Because some of the time, you will really be in need o the apps on the Apple TV.

How to Uninstall Apps on Apple TV from Settings

Another way of deleting apps on Apple TV is from settings. In this method of uninstalling apps on Apple TV, you will also be able to see how much space each app is taking on Apple TV. So, if you want to free up some space on your Apple TV then deleting the app that is taking up maximum space will be the best option.

This method of deleting apps from Apple TV is also very easy, just follow the below steps and you are good to go.

  • First of all, open your Apple TV.
  • Now go to the Settings of your TV.
  • After opening Settings, click on the General option.
  • Now once you are in general settings, you need to scroll down a bit using your Apple TV’s remote and then click on “Manage Storage“.
  • Once you are in the storage settings of your Apple TV, there you will see all the installed apps.
  • Simply select the app that you want to uninstall.
  • Done!

See, how simple it was to delete the apps on Apple TV from settings.

Final words

If you are really in need of the details about the deletion process, then this would be the perfect thing that is helpful for people to know and acknowledge it. Apart from this, there are also other factors that are also involved in the matters of using them in different ways. So check out the details from other pages for a clear understanding of the process in case of need.

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