How to Block Emails on Gmail (2022 Easy Guide)

Are you running out of your Gmail space? are you also worried about whether you will be able to receive more emails in the future, if yes then don’t worry today I will be teaching you how to block emails on Gmail so that you stop spam and also save a lot of space?

Sending important files can be done only through certain apps or software which is available on online websites. In this list, you can easily get used to the list of the things on chrome websites and others too. Sending important documents or making chat options can be done through Gmail.

This is an electronic mail system that performs all types of sending and receiving of tasks in the most proper ways. Also, you can check on the messages or emails which are being sent to the receiver and get their updates in more intervals of time without a second thought.

Also at the same time, you can be able to bring the things in a more proper way without having the things which are unleaded to the people. There are multiple options available for the people to make use of it in different phases according to the needs of the people.

When you are using the Gmail option, you will be able to subscribe, block or even unsubscribe things that are available for the users. This article will clearly explain the various happenings which are really needed to understand the things about the block mail options in the Gmail system.

So the details are clearly mentioned for the user to make sure to use them whenever they are in need.

Steps to block an email address

Here are some of the steps which are available for people to endure things in an easier way by blocking the mail address. The steps are,

  • First, you have to use the official websites of the Gmail server pages. So you can log onto the account if you are really not logged into it.
  • You can easily check on the sender and you can easily maintain the sender address or receiver address to block.
  • To do that process, you need to click on the icon which has three vertical dots on the top-right corner of the mail and then gently click on the block option.

Note: At the same time, when you are feeling unable to unblock the sender mail, you can unblock them anytime. Through the unblock option through the same methods, you will be able to send or receive mail from them.

How to control the report spam and phishing working in Gmail?

There are certain points where you will not be receiving answers to certain questions. One of them is to report spam things in Gmail. The steps to make a report are,

  • Go to the official websites of the Gmail account web pages in order to make the spam or phishing email.
  • You can make a spam report, through the button which is on the pop-up available for these operations to be performed.
  • As for the phishing message, a similar operation is made for people to remember and use well in all aspects.

These are some of the important things to avoid certain steps which are causing problems in the Gmail process while you are messaging or mailing a user.

Wrapping up

Email is one of the important aspects which really has the coolest features along with expandable options. Now you have understood the block option to use for an effective period of time whenever you are in need. As for now, Gmail has a feedback system where you can really get all types of queries to be attained.

Also, other details are available on the official website of the Gmail platform for people to make use of it.  Report option is also ensured for the people to recognize the option in order to have better experience to ensure the safety of the mails which you are receiving.

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