How to Block Ads in iPhone Games (Latest 2023 Method)

One of the most irritating moments is when we do something on the device, and it interrupts the whole process. There are some ways available for people to make sure about things in easier ways. When you are playing a game or watching a video, there are times of getting random ads, and this can be skipped with permission access. Apart from that, you cannot do things that are not possible in some of the areas while you are in the game.

Here in the article, you will be seeing about the various processes that block ads in iPhone games. Because these are some special games which aren’t to be disturbed. So let’s get into the article without further waiting for know the details.

The iPhone games are simple ones, yet people are really feeling happy while playing them. There are some unique techniques available for people to know to block the ads that are displayed during the games.

Simple tricks to avoid the ads while playing iPhone games

When you are playing the game and you are feeling annoyed about the ads, below mentioned are some of the tricks which will help you to get rid of them. The tricks are,

Turning off the Wifi and mobile data: This is one of the easiest methods to block the ads. Because one of the games is inbuilt with the ads, the internet connection is the major problem for displaying the ad. Try to go to settings and turn off the Wifi and Mobile Data in order to play the game peacefully.

Downloading of Ad Blocker App: Many of us have heard about the app which is specially made for the people to block the ad. This app is known as the Ad Blocker App, through which you can block all the things in easier ways. Apart from this, there are paid subscriptions to avoid the ads which are played during the games and important using apps.

Put mobile into Airplane Mode: As mentioned, this mode is the best mode; it will avoid the ad and also calls and messages from the persons. When this mode is enabled in your mobile, you will be in no service region to enjoy your doings in the mobile phone. The iPhone will bring your mode to enjoy the game without any problems.

Ending thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of the article which clearly explains about the various things which are available in the online pages. Also through the above mentioned ideas, you will be able to check on the matters and get the ideas for your problems. You can check on the furthermore online pages for complete references or gathering of ideas in order to play the game properly. So that you can block the ads in iPhone games while you are playing the game peacefully. If you are new to playing the game, then this would be a great idea to overcome the ad problem in your game.


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