Who is Donna Goudeau | Everything you need to know about Her

Donna Goudeau is a 2014 internet sensation, she came into the limelight when her viral video reached thousands of people on the internet.

So Who is Donna Goudeau? and what really happened to her and where is she now? well, all these questions are answered in this article. if you want to know about Donna Goudeau then keep reading this article till the very end.

Who is Donna Goudeau

According to the reports, Donna Goudeau is a criminal who was involved in the armed robbery in which she and two men robbed a 73 years old man, known as Juan Sustaita.

Donna Goudeau is originally from texas and after this robber event she was booked, the whole incident took place in 2011, however, the video of her went viral in 2014 which brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Donna Goudeau Robbery

The robbery took place in 2011 when Donna Goudeau and 2 men were part of a violent robbery against an old man. The old man was situated in Driftwood Inn.

The robbery took place by knocking at the door of the old man, when the old man opened the door, all robbers pushed themselves to the house of Juan Sustaita. They begin stealing everything they find precious, and at last, they grabbed the debit card of the old man and started asking for the correct pin.

However, the old refused to give the pin of his debit card, and as a result, robbers tortured him by putting a pillow to his face, they tortured him for a handsome amount of time and after a few minutes, Juan Sustaita revealed the correct pin of his ATM/Debit card.

In this whole incident, Juan got some serious injuries which resulted in getting fired from his job as he was not able to do the work, and eventually he become broke because of no source of income.

After a few days, all the robbers were arrested and the whole video of their arrest was made somehow it went to the internet and within a few hours, the video went viral like a fire in the forest. As a result, Donna Goudeau become an internet sensation overnight in 2014.

Donna Goudeau Sentenced

So the authorities sentenced all the involved robbers, the name of the other two robbers was Keyron Elmore and Jeremy Goudeau respectively. Keyron was 28 years old and was sentenced to 60 years of jail, Jeremy was just only 20 years old and sentenced to 50 years whereas Donna Goudeau was sentenced to 18 years of jail.

Right now Donna Goudeau is still in jail and according to the calculation, she will stay in jail until 2029 which is undoubtedly a pretty long time.

Donna Goudeau Viral Arrest Video

The arrest video of Donna Goudeau was the result of why she became an internet sensation overnight. The video of her arrest went viral in 2014 and in the video, there were some points made by Donna Goudeau which was the reason why everyone went emotional and got tears in their eyes.

The most emotional and famous line from that video was “You only know one side of the story, no one knows my side of the story”.

Where is she now?

So, the question is where is she now, so as we already stated above in the article that she was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment and right now she is in jail. She will remain in jail until 2029 and after that, she will be free from bars.

There were fake rumors that she got murdered in jail, this news spread like anything but it turned out to be false. Donna Goudeau is still alive and completing her imprisonment.

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