How to Fix ChatGPT Not Working 2023 (Working Solutions)

Currently, ChatGPT is a very hot topic, ever since Open AI made ChatGPT free of all users, it has gained lots of attention, there are several case studies going on regarding ChatGPT and literally, everyone is talking about it. But some people are complaining that ChatGPT is not working, so here in this article, I will share some solutions to Fix ChatGPT not working.

If ChatGPT is not working on your end or if you are getting messages like “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” here are a few quick fixes that you can try to resolve this problem. But before I begin to tell you why is it happening and why you are not able to access Chat GPT, let’s first discuss what is ChatGPT.

What is Chat GPT?

Well, Chat GPT is an AI chatbot, it is well trained AI computer program that currently works on GPT3 technology. The company behind ChatGPT is OpenAI.

The initial release date of ChatGPT is November 2022, and when it was released, it changed the way the internet works. ChatGPT is currently set to free by OpenAI, you can access their website and create a free account to use their free service.

However, there are rumors going on that say OpenAI is going to make ChatGPT paid in the upcoming few weeks or months.

But as of now it is free to use, you can ask ChatGPT anything you like, it gathers information from the internet and then delivers the correct information to you.

The accuracy of ChatGPT is not 100% but it is nearly 90% accurate, so if you want to use ChatGPT for professional I would highly advise you to cross-check the information shared by ChatGPT.

Why is ChatGPT not working?

Now, as you already understood what is ChatGPT and why is it so popular, let’s now discuss why is ChatGPT not working, well the answer to the question is pretty simple, there is currently a huge demand for and everyone from all over the world are currently testing this new developed AI computer program.

And as many people are accessing this website, it makes the server crash and as a result, ChatGPT is not working.

As OpenAI just made Chat GPT completely free to users, it is creating a huge buzz and lots of traffic is coming to their website, their servers aren’t capable of now handling this much traffic which makes the chat GPT crash.

Another possible issue is your internet connectivity, make sure that your internet is working properly, and try opening other websites to check whether your internet is working properly or not.

There is one more possible reason behind chat GPT not working cookies and cache.

So, now the question is how do I fix ChatGPT NOT OPENING so quickly let’s discuss it.

How to Fix ChatGPT Not Working 2023?

ChatGPT not working

Now there is no single solution that I can tell you to fix ChatGPT not working or ChatGPT crashing, but there are a few solutions that I discovered and tried personally, and most of the time they solved my problem.

But I can not assure you that it will for you as well, there are 50-50 chances but I am sure if you try each and every solution that I listed below, it will definitely help you in using ChatGPT again.

Now without wasting further time, let’s get started.

1. Clear your cache and Cookies

The number 1 solution is clearing the cache and cookies of your browser, now I don’t know what browser you are using, but I am assuming you are using Google Chrome, so here are the steps to clear the cache and cookies of Google Chrome.

  • First, you need to open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Now go to the settings by clicking on the vertical three dots that are located in the top right corner of Google chrome.
  • Go to “More Tools”.
  • Click on “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • Choose the time duration.
  • Check all the boxes and clear all cache and cookies.
  • Done! You have successfully cleared your cache and cookies of the Google Chrome browser.

Now go to and try to log in and most probably it will now work, if it is still not working then try the next solution.

2) Use VPN

VPN is another amazing to fix ChatGPT not opening, ChatGPT not responding, ChatGPT not working, etc error. I personally fixed my chatGPT not working problem by using a VPN. You can try different VPNs and I believe all VPNs are quite the same, so doesn’t really matter what VPN you are using, it will just work fine.

You can even use a free VPN google chrome extension, however, free VPNs do have some restrictions, eg) you can not access all countries but there are a few countries available on free VPNs that you can choose from.

I am currently using VeeVPN, it is available for free and you can try it as well.

3) Check the status of the ChatGPT server

Sometimes the problem is not from your end but actually from the ChatGPT server’s end, and if that’s the problem then you can’t really do much.

It’s up to OpenAI how long they take for fixing the problem, however, to verify if the problem is in ChatGPT’s server, you can check their server status.

To do so simply open their URL and check if everything is operational or not, if it is showing some problem then all you have to do is wait and let OpenAI do its thing to fix the issue.

4) Check your internet connectivity

Another possible reason is your internet connectivity, it is very much possible that your internet is not working properly and thus you are not able to log in to ChatGPT or simply can’t access ChatGPT.

To check your internet connection, you can try opening websites like Google or any other websites for that matter to cross-check whether your internet is properly working or not.

There is a website called Speed Test By Okla that tells how much speed your internet is producing, you can check there as well, if you are internet is too slow then most probably you will not able to access ChatGPT.

5) Try Incongito Mode

A few days back, I was also not able to open ChatGPT and I was really annoyed but then I just tried using incognito mode, and then surprisingly it worked.

I was really shocked, how did it happen but it just happened. So, you can also try it by yourself, just open the incognito mode of your browser and try opening the ChatGPT website, there is a high chance that it will work.

How to Fix ChatGPT is at capacity right now?

These days many people are getting “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” messages while they are trying to open the website, I know it is very annoying.

I myself was getting this error and was frustrated, when you get this message, it says ChatGPT is currently down because of huge demand and they say we will notify you when it starts to work again but it will rarely happen that they are notifying you.

So, to fix this problem, there is no straight-cut solution, all I can say is just try the above solutions that I shared and most probably your problem will get fixed.

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Wrapping Up

So, this was the article where I shared how to fix errors like ChatGPT not working, ChatGPT not responding, and ChatGPT being at capacity right now. I hope the solution that I shared above will mostly possibly fix all your errors.

If you are still not able to open ChatGPT then please comment down below and I will try to help you personally.

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