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How to Take Screenshot on Nothing Phone 1 {Easiest Way}

How to Take Screenshot on Nothing Phone 1 {Easiest Way}

This article will help you by telling you the way to take screenshots on Nothing Phone 1. So, if you just recently bought Nothing Phone 1 and you want to know about different ways to take screenshots on Nothing Phone 1 then read this article till the end.

Nothing phones are recently launched smartphones and differentiate themselves from other smartphones in the market, because of the uniqueness of flashy LED light placed on the back panel of a mobile. But everyone won’t prefer LED strips on the back panel of mobile phones. Meanwhile, it is specifically designed for the younger generation. But, the pattern of the Nothing Phone is designed similarly to other smartphones. Here we can see the techniques and procedures for capturing a screenshot on Nothing Phone 1 in detail.

Procedure for capturing screenshots on Nothing Phone 1:

Nothing Phone, each stock ROM has a different set of features that acclaimed it from the other smartphones. Due to this factor, you may find it challenging to adapt to the interface and OS to utilize the device’s features, such as taking a screenshot and many more activities. In this article, you are going to see the methods for How to Take Screenshots on a Nothing Phone 1.

By pressing the Power and volume down button

You can take a screenshot on Nothing Phone by pressing simultaneously the power+volume down button, which is the first and primary way to capture a screenshot on Nothing Phone. This will capture a picture of the screen and save it in your gallery.

When you undergo this process, a notification will pop up at the bottom of the screen along with a beep or tickling notification sound that you set up in your phone’s settings. In addition, from this notification pop-up, you can directly edit or share the captured picture.

By using Voice Command

Here is another easiest way to capture a screenshot on Nothing Phone, this is achieved by using the voice command. Nothing phone is an Android version smartphone, so this can be done simply by saying, “ Hey Google Take a Screenshot” and the voice assistant will take a screenshot automatically of the displayed screen you are on.

Moreover, the screenshot will not be saved on your gallery, automatically. You have to do it manually for the saving process. This can be done by following the below-mentioned points:

  • After capturing the screenshot, click on the photos option.
  • Next, save the image to the photos app.
  • Once you finish this process, open the photos app on your device.
  • Click on the screenshot on the app.
  • Finally, click the three dots at the top-right corner, and click the download option.
  • Hence the photo will download and save to your gallery.

Accessibility Floating Button

By using the floating button or easy touch option you can take screenshots on the Nothing Phone 1. For accessing this method, first, you have to enable this mode, and then only you can make use of this feature for taking screenshots. For achieving this method, do follow the below-given steps.

  • On your Nothing phone, open the settings app.
  • Now, select Accessibility and then tap on the Accessibility menu.
  • Enable the toggle for the Accessibility menu shortcut on your display.
  • Here they are asked for certain permission, so allow all the access.
  • Now, click on the Accessibility Menu Shortcut to open it. Now select how you want to open the Accessibility menu by Taping Accessibility Button or Hold Volume Keys.
  • Now, click the Save option to save the changes.
  • Access the Accessibility menu through your set method and finally tap on the screenshot, this process will automatically capture a screenshot and save it in your gallery.


To summarize, these are the simple and essential methods for taking screenshots on a Nothing phone 1. By following these techniques you can capture your required images for usage. For example, you need to take a screenshot of a picture from websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more platforms that follow these simple techniques.

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV (Easy and Simple Steps)

How to Delete Apps on Apple TV (Easy and Simple Steps)

Do you have an Apple TV? and do you want to know how to delete apps on Apple TV? if the answer to both questions is yes then today you just landed on the very right page. Today this article will help you to do so, so keep reading till the very end.

Apple TV is one of the most exclusive products that you can easily use for watching shows and videos from various different sites. Apple services and also the powerful experience which has the power to show the complete high resolution of all the places out there.

There are different features available in the devices for the user to acknowledge. Complete 4K high frame rate is given with the HDR from the crisp video which has the fluid quality to attract the audience.

Along with this, the A12 bionic has a special performance to the TV that other models or other brands do not have. Though you are really aware of the things, you can easily understand the things which are really needful to be seen. Since Apple Company includes all the voice controls over Siri for voice access to use the TV. At the same time, there are some issues that need to be seen. Like, people are worried about deleting apps on apple TV or even hiding them.

Are there any steps available to delete the apps on Apple TV?

Here are some of the tips or points which are really helpful for people to notice things in order to learn about them. Because deleting things on apple TV might look simple, but it requires exact steps, or else it will not be deleted.

Even hiding options are also available for people to make use of it in all ways. The steps for deleting the apps are,

  • Browse to that same software you wish to hide or uninstall on your Apple TV after waking it up. So you can check on the matters about the app which need to be deleted or uninstalled.
  • If you’re connecting a touchpad with the remote, push firmly on the touchpad’s center until the app begins to jiggle. Hold down the choose button until it begins to wiggle when you use the white or aluminum Apple Remote (the one with the red circle at the top).
  • To access this same dashboard with both the “Delete” and “Cover-up” options, hold down this same Play/Pause key on the keyboard on your remote control. Choose it.
  • A second screen will appear asking you if you really want to delete it and warning you that doing so will delete all of the app’s data. Select “Delete” Now the app will be removed.

Note: You can also install the apps whenever you are in need through the installation process. Because some of the times, you will really be in need o the apps on the Apple TV.

Final words

If you are really in need of the details about the deletion process, then this would be the perfect thing that is helpful for people to know and acknowledge it. Apart from this, there are also other factors that are also involved in the matters of using them in different ways. So check out the details from other pages for a clear understanding of the process in case of need.


How to Block Ads in iPhone Games (Latest 2022 Method)

How to Block Ads in iPhone Games (Latest 2022 Method)

One of the most irritating moments is when we do something on the device, and it interrupts the whole process. There are some ways available for people to make sure about things in easier ways. When you are playing a game or watching a video, there are times of getting random ads, and this can be skipped with permission access. Apart from that, you cannot do things that are not possible in some of the areas while you are in the game.

Here in the article, you will be seeing about the various processes that block ads in iPhone games. Because these are some special games which aren’t to be disturbed. So let’s get into the article without further waiting for know the details.

The iPhone games are simple ones, yet people are really feeling happy while playing them. There are some unique techniques available for people to know to block the ads that are displayed during the games.

Simple tricks to avoid the ads while playing iPhone games

When you are playing the game and you are feeling annoyed about the ads, below mentioned are some of the tricks which will help you to get rid of them. The tricks are,

Turning off the Wifi and mobile data: This is one of the easiest methods to block the ads. Because one of the games is inbuilt with the ads, the internet connection is the major problem for displaying the ad. Try to go to settings and turn off the Wifi and Mobile Data in order to play the game peacefully.

Downloading of Ad Blocker App: Many of us have heard about the app which is specially made for the people to block the ad. This app is known as the Ad Blocker App, through which you can block all the things in easier ways. Apart from this, there are paid subscriptions to avoid the ads which are played during the games and important using apps.

Put mobile into Airplane Mode: As mentioned, this mode is the best mode; it will avoid the ad and also calls and messages from the persons. When this mode is enabled in your mobile, you will be in no service region to enjoy your doings in the mobile phone. The iPhone will bring your mode to enjoy the game without any problems.

Ending thoughts

Finally, we have come to the end of the article which clearly explains about the various things which are available in the online pages. Also through the above mentioned ideas, you will be able to check on the matters and get the ideas for your problems. You can check on the furthermore online pages for complete references or gathering of ideas in order to play the game properly. So that you can block the ads in iPhone games while you are playing the game peacefully. If you are new to playing the game, then this would be a great idea to overcome the ad problem in your game.


How to Block Emails on Gmail (2022 Easy Guide)

How to Block Emails on Gmail (2022 Easy Guide)

Are you running out of your Gmail space? are you also worried about whether you will be able to receive more emails in the future, if yes then don’t worry today I will be teaching you how to block emails on Gmail so that you stop spam and also save a lot of space?

Sending important files can be done only through certain apps or software which is available on online websites. In this list, you can easily get used to the list of the things on chrome websites and others too. Sending important documents or making chat options can be done through Gmail.

This is an electronic mail system that performs all types of sending and receiving of tasks in the most proper ways. Also, you can check on the messages or emails which are being sent to the receiver and get their updates in more intervals of time without a second thought.

Also at the same time, you can be able to bring the things in a more proper way without having the things which are unleaded to the people. There are multiple options available for the people to make use of it in different phases according to the needs of the people.

When you are using the Gmail option, you will be able to subscribe, block or even unsubscribe things that are available for the users. This article will clearly explain the various happenings which are really needed to understand the things about the block mail options in the Gmail system.

So the details are clearly mentioned for the user to make sure to use them whenever they are in need.

Steps to block an email address

Here are some of the steps which are available for people to endure things in an easier way by blocking the mail address. The steps are,

  • First, you have to use the official websites of the Gmail server pages. So you can log onto the account if you are really not logged into it.
  • You can easily check on the sender and you can easily maintain the sender address or receiver address to block.
  • To do that process, you need to click on the icon which has three vertical dots on the top-right corner of the mail and then gently click on the block option.

Note: At the same time, when you are feeling unable to unblock the sender mail, you can unblock them anytime. Through the unblock option through the same methods, you will be able to send or receive mail from them.

How to control the report spam and phishing working in Gmail?

There are certain points where you will not be receiving answers to certain questions. One of them is to report spam things in Gmail. The steps to make a report are,

  • Go to the official websites of the Gmail account web pages in order to make the spam or phishing email.
  • You can make a spam report, through the button which is on the pop-up available for these operations to be performed.
  • As for the phishing message, a similar operation is made for people to remember and use well in all aspects.

These are some of the important things to avoid certain steps which are causing problems in the Gmail process while you are messaging or mailing a user.

Wrapping up

Email is one of the important aspects which really has the coolest features along with expandable options. Now you have understood the block option to use for an effective period of time whenever you are in need. As for now, Gmail has a feedback system where you can really get all types of queries to be attained.

Also, other details are available on the official website of the Gmail platform for people to make use of it.  Report option is also ensured for the people to recognize the option in order to have better experience to ensure the safety of the mails which you are receiving.

How to Record Audio in Windows 11 (Easy Steps)

How to Record Audio in Windows 11 (Easy Steps)

In this article, we will teach you how to record audio in Windows 11 easily. Keep reading this article till the end if you want to know how.

Generally, recording audio in Windows 11 is the easiest way. Audio recording is the process in which sound information is captured onto a storage medium like an optical disc, magnetic tape, or solid-state drive (SSD). This captured audio information can be used to reproduce the actual original sound if it is fed through a playback device and loudspeaker system. This audio can be recorded in two formats, digital, and analogy. Here, is the solution for how to record audio in Windows 11.

This process is easy and convenient, while we utilize the in-built voice recorder app on windows. Meanwhile, we won’t need to use any third-party apps for recording. Let us see both techniques for recording purposes.

Recording Audio using Windows Recorder:

For recording audio in Windows 11, you have to download and install the voice recorder app on your computer. Do follow the below-given steps for recording audio using the voice recorder app.

Step 1: The first step to do is, to select the mic that you will be using for recording purposes. Select either you using the PC’s default mic or using any external mic to record audio.

Step 2: Open the settings on your PC, in the settings, select the sound tab in the left sidebar, and under the input section, and click on the Microphone option. In this option, you can use the Microphone and set it as default.

Step 3: Then, open the Voice recorder app on your PC. Click on the start menu button and search for a voice recording app. The app will appear and start recording.

Step 4: Now, in the voice recording application tap on the record button (Mic symbol) to proceed with the recording process. Or click the Ctrl=R shortcut key for this audio recording purpose.

Step 5: After doing this process, the recording will begin. You can tap the pause button to pause the recording and resume the recording whenever you want to proceed with to record. And also, you can stop the recording once the audio recording is complete or tap on the flag button to flag it.

Step 6: This audio will save in your sound recording folder inside the document folder, which you can access from the file manager. Or you can directly play this audio from the audio recording application.

Recording Audio by default audio recorder:

Using an in-built audio recorder will be an easy way for the users. You will get the voice recorder app by default in Windows.

  • Go to the Start button and search for an Audio recorder.
  • Your in-built Windows Voice recorder will appear on the screen.
  • As usual, Select the mic mode, and click on the record button for the recording process.
  • After the voice encoding is over, tap on the start button. And your audio will be saved as a file.
  • In addition, you can trim the audio according to your need and share the audio files on social media.


To conclude, that’s how to record audio on Windows 11. This voice recording process becomes quite easier with the Windows voice recorder application. Meanwhile, there are plenty of voice recording apps available on the Internet. You can go for the third-party application for the further process. And you will be provided with various features while using these applications.