Can You Play Steam Games On PS4? Click Here to Find Out 2023

Can you play steam games on PS4? If you are a PS4 owner then at least once this question must have come to your mind. Even I myself own a PS4 and this question used to come to my mind a lot but after I did some research and experiment, I got the answer.

Let me tell you my story, before purchasing PlayStation, I used to play games on my personal computer, I had a lot of games purchased on my steam account and when I bought PS4 Pro, the very first thought that came to my mind was whether I can play steam games on PS4 or not and I immediately googled my question and tried to find a way to play steam games on PlayStation.

So, here is the cut-to-cut answer to this question, No you can not play steam games on PS4 directly. However, there are some unofficial ways to play steam games on PS5 through streaming. We have explained that way in this article.

Can You Play Steam Games On PS4
Can You Play Steam Games On PS4

Why you can not directly play steam games on Playstation?

Okay, so now you must be wondering why I can not play steam games on Playstation, so the answer is quite simple, since PlayStation and steam both are based on different platforms, you can not play steam games on PS. The steam platform is basically made for buying and playing games on Personal Computers whereas Playstation is a console.

Steam and Playstation are not compatible with each other, just like you can not play PlayStation games on your PC, the same way you can not play steam games on PS4/PS3/PS5.

However, don’t worry there are still some unofficial ways to play steam games on PS4. If you have a game purchased on PS4 that you think will be amazing to play on Playstation then there are some ways to do so. So, now let’s discuss ways to play steam games on Playstation.

Is there a way to play steam games on PS4?

Nowadays most of the games that are available on Steam are also available for PS4 to purchase. So, the better way to play steam games on PS4 is to buy them from PSN.

As I already told y’all that you can not directly use your steam profile on PS4 to play your steam games. And not only on PS4 but on any PlayStation.

But don’t worry as I told you I will be sharing some ways that will help you in enjoying steam games on PlayStation. So, what are those ways? well following are the ways to play steam games on PS.

  • Using streaming devices like Android Box
  • Using cloud gaming services like Nvidia Geforce now
  • Jailbreaking your Playstation.

So above are three ways that can help you in playing steam games on Playstation. Now let’s dig into each of them to get a better understanding.

Use Android Box to Play Steam Games on PS4

Android Box is basically a small device that can help you in converting your ordinary boring TV to a fully fledge smart TV. Usually, Android Boxes are very cheap and you can purchase them from websites like Walmart or Amazon easily.

Once you have Android Box purchased, you need to connect it to your ordinary TV and that’s it. After connecting Android Box to your TV, your TV will become a complete smart TV that now operates on the Android operating system.

But now you must be thinking how do I use it to play steam games? well, let me tell you how you can do it.

Follow the below steps to play steam games using Android Box.

  • First of all, open your TV, and go to the App store.
  • Download and install the steam link application. (This application is developed by steam to play steam games on different platforms easily).
  • Now you need to link the Steam link app with your PC.
  • It will now ask you to enter the unique code, you need to enter to start the connection.
  • Once that is done. You are good to go.
  • Choose the game that you are interested in playing.
  • Connect your PS4 controller to your TV and enjoy.!

Use Cloud Gaming service to Play steam games on Playstation

We all know about the most popular cloud gaming service and that is Nvidia Geforce Now. This is the best way to play games on TV since you don’t have to worry about hardware compatibility issues. You can play any high-end game with ease.

Since the games will run on the high-end Nvidia graphic card, all you need to have is a strong internet connection, sounds interesting, right? but here’s a Catch! this service is not free, you have to buy a subscription to enjoy this amazing service of Nvidia to play games online.

Also, you will be only able to play the games that you already have in your steam or epic account. If you want to enjoy the best possible experience then I highly recommend you buy the subscription.

However, there is a free option also available where you can play basic games but the waiting time is quite long and eventually, you will get frustrated.

The recommended subscription from my side is buying RTX 3080, in this subscription, you will be able to enjoy high-end games at the best possible graphics settings. This is my personal favorite, and for serious players out there this is the subscription that you should opt for.

You can be able to play high-end games at 4K quality, it will work with any smart TV or Android TV Box. The basic cost is $19.99/ month which is quite reasonable according to my thinking, however, the end decision is yours only.

Jailbreak PS4 to play steam games

Now, the last way is to jailbreak your PS4 to play steam games. This way is quite risky and you might end up getting your PlayStation account banned. So, before following this method, make sure that you know what you doing. I am not responsible at all.

If you have made up your final decision to jailbreak your PS then all the best, I am not going to teach you how to jailbreak PlayStation, there are already a number of guides teaching the same. You can follow them.

If your PlayStation is under warranty then following this router may void the warranty. But if you really wish to follow along then go ahead and do it, it’s your choice after all.

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Wrapping Up

I hope y’all got the answers to the question, if you still have some doubts or if you know any other magical ways to play steam games on PS4 then do let us know by dropping a comment down below. We will love to hear from you all.

I will catch you later on my other articles. Peace out!



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