2018 American Institutional Confidence Poll

In 2016, presidential elections were held in America and it was surprising to see that outsiders were performing really pretty good than some old parties it clearly indicates that America has dissatisfaction with current parties and they are looking for some outsiders to save them.

After doing the survey we found out some really mindblowing numbers that we have shared later in this article. Our current institution is not working and Americans are not really satisfied. It was observed that many Americans have lost their faith in the current institution.

2018 was the year when American Instutiotnal Poll (AicPoll) was conducted online to find out why there is a loss of faith in current institutions. It could be because of anything or even because of current American President Donald Trump.

After the survey got completed, we shockingly got some strange and unique responses from the public. We got to know how to get the current American democracy understanding better than ever.


So the very first question that we asked in our survey was:-

Is the democracy of America is healthy or not?

The answer to this question that we got from a 63 years old democratic woman who is not very satisfied with the current government was:

“People are voting based on their hatred of other groups rather than facts or competence. As a result they have elected people who are incompetent and extremely dangerous and refuse to deal with the consequences.”

After questing few more people, the below answer we got from 53 years old woman who is also really satisfied with current democracy and she was really pissed about the current scenario of America’s democracy, this was the statement that she released:-

“The Democrats are freezing our democracy. They hate Trump so much they support the country failing economically or hav[ing] a nuclear war rather than work with the Republicans to pass new immigration and health care legislation.”

Below is the graph showing how well you are satisfied with current democracy of the United States

Below are graphs based on different factors, i.e gender, race, party, etc.

It found out that a large majority of both sides party, they consider their opposition as a threat to the country and its people.

There is another graph that shows how well the members of the opposing party still show their good interest to the country and its people.


So, there is another graph that asks about your point of view regarding the opposing party being threat to the country and its people. 

So, another key finding,

How much are you satisfied with the working of current democracy in the United States based on demographics

It’s clearly seen that the young generation is not really satisfied.


So after doing the big survey, the complete report of the survey that we did in 2018 is still available here. So, if anyone is interested in reading the complete guide can refer to that website but the conclusion that we derived was hyperpartisanship among democrats and republicans express.

The ideological and political vitriol of what pundits frequently call the “ culture wars ” permeates people’s studies about numerous different corridors of American government and society.


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